Evolution and Objective

Small to Medium sized organization of Chartered Accountants and Other Professionals Practicing in India face many work management related issues in their offices like inefficient controlling of work, inaccurate status of work, communication gap, staff management, invoicing, collection etc.

Proprietors and partners have to deal with clients, staff and Quality of Work at the same time, all together with due regards to their efforts v/s revenue. Traditionally they have been using conventional methods like excels diaries etc. to manage their office but still lack the consolidated platform which provides start to end solution for their work management issues.

Traditionally, dependency has always been on intelligent staff but availability of cost effective intelligent staff is a matter of luck or of great effort.

This software is aimed to provide a very practical software solution to the majority of daily work management problems faced by such professionals and give you an extra edge over other professionals to expand and make your practice more profitable.

This software has evolved with constant inputs from actual practicing professionals on daily basis and the development team is committed to provide better solutions considering Indian Scenario and its practical aspects.