Comparison of Problems V/S Solutions Available

Status of Each Service job
List of Pending & Completed Task
Reason why a task is pending
Which Task is of Priority?
Identifying Long Due Tasks
Managing Multiple offices from a single location

A Single Dashboard of each service type which gives all the relevant information with details required to solve these problems . Its online platform removes the physical distance barriers.

A strong inbuilt mechanism to follow-up pending tasks plus a daily auto work planner for smoothing the work flow.

Scheduling daily’s work
Timely Delivery of Service

Knowing Staff Occupancy
Staff Efficiency Monitoring
Unavailability of Daily / Periodic
Status of Work of Each Type of Service
Each Staff’s daily / periodic work report

Daily / Periodic work report of each staff or service type with real time data to make the staff accountable for their work plus a summary report for bosses create staff occupancy balance and make the best out of it.

Uniquely built single screen dashboard to monitor (of the whole organization or of separate entities) for your billing, collection, Net outstanding position, top outstanding client, ageing of debtors, free of cost services, work not billed and a bundle of reports to give all information relating to revenue generation plus its auto accounting.

Billing, Collection, Monitoring of Debtors etc.
Service Delivered but not billed.
Accounting of bills, collection, debtors etc. when transactions are in volume
Managing less remunerative service Jobs

Documentation of Notes / Observations at one place.
Communicating To Do List to

An online document writing tool like a word document to document all the notes, observations, To Do list etc. As it is accessible online, it is convenient for the user to print or edit documents from any place

Online Phonebook saves all the information of the client and gives access as and when required. One can send bulk SMS to many clients with just five clicks and can also schedule the SMS to be sent at a particular date and time.

Phone No. , address, email etc. information of all the clients as and when required .
Communicating information To client/s comfortably.
Communicating Clients at a particular specific time

Inability to properly manage personal / administrative and other work

A new concept introduced to manage trivial jobs with ease.