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Before We Say Anything About Ourselves, Let's Hear Our Customer's Review First

I tried couple of other applications before using MyTask. I am truly saying that MyTask application is meeting our requirements particularly for CA Firms. Every one sell their products, but many people fails to provide product support service, in this I can say MyTask Team is doing great job. I wish you a Great Success.

CA Datla Sree Rama Raju
Datla & Associates

Hyderabad, Telangana

Brilliantly designed software to suit all needs of a CA Firm. MyTask helps you design SOPs and be in control of your practice. It has made delegating work and assigning responsibilities simpler and easier. It has streamlined our workload by helping us to manage and keep track of work being undertaken by employees at different levels of the organization.

CA Kaushal Sharda
K Sharda & Co.

Surat, Gujarat

I have tried two CRM applications before MyTask. MyTask is must buy application for CA Professionals in practice. It is Completely meeting our requirements. Two thing which I like about MyTask are support service and their research team which constantly does new innovations to improve it even further. I could rate them 10/10 for all the features in applications.

CA Pawan Periwal
Danspark & Co.

Jamshedpur, Jharkhand

Using it from April 2018 are very much satisfied with software. MyTask is an excellent practice management software for all size of firm of professional like CA, CS etc. It has helped us a lot to streamline the office & billing work. It has enhanced efficiency & timeliness. We consider it essential tool for practice management. Technical support is awesome. Thankful to entire MyTask team for their support and service.

CA Shailesh L. Patel
S L Patel & Co.

Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Since August 2019, we are using MyTask. Before choosing MyTask we had taken demo from 3-4 CA office management software and finally we selected MyTask. We are happy with their after sales service and time bound resolution of problem. Recommend to others also. Cheers MyTask Team

CA Deepak Kumar Vagrecha
Vagrecha & Associates

Bangalore, Karnataka

Started using MyTask in January 2019 and since then we are very happy with the software, it has helped us in tracking our work, leaves, expenses and collection from clients. The thing I like about MyTask is that, it is constantly improving and taking into consideration the feedback provided to them.

CA Shweta Agarwal
BNPSY & Associates

Noida, Uttar Pradesh

MyTask converted my office management from physical to technology based. Now we are not required to make list of repeated task, assign work, send reminders, take follow-up of pending dues etc. All things are done by MyTask automatically.

CS. Sudhir Arya
Sudhir Arya & Associates


Very practical aspects covered in MyTask software considering practical working environment. Best for CA professionals who are into practice.

CA Giriraj B Laddha
G B Laddha & Co. LLP

Vapi & Surat, Gujarat

Software provides good solution to CA office problems, We like it's task and billing part very much. Because of it now our jobs are timely billed, timely collected due to auto SMS and revenue has increased because earlier we use to forgot and were not able to bill small service jobs.

CA R K Osatwal
R K Osatwal & Co.

Beawar & Bijainagar, Rajasthan

Using Software Since April 2017, Software has really helped us in managing all our work. It's powerful dashboards gives overall insight of all the processing, completed and un-billed works. Hence, enhancing our productivity overall by efficiently saving time and extra resource.

CA Harman Singh
Harman & Co.

Gobindgarh, Punjab

Very Nice CA office management software. It has helped us a lot since using this software in our office. It has helped us to manage our work very effectively and efficiently. Very nice support team.

CA Dushyant Vithlani
Dushyant Vithlani & Co.

Surat, Gujarat

Excellent Software. Instant Reply to Query, Very well Supportive and Add a value to our work.

E Tax Wala

Jalna, Maharashtra

MyTask has helped pretty much in managing my practice, We are able to plan everything in software and our staff is also able to work smoothly in it.

CA Mosam Shah
Mahajan & Shah

Indore, Madhya Pradesh

It is wonderful and Very Easy to use and Most Helpful software found to Manage our Practice.

Expert Accountants

Tirupur, Andhra Pradesh

MyTask has simplified my life a lot. Due to so many dead line and different type of work, It was difficult to complete all work on time but now because of MyTask we are in a position to deliver all our work before time. Thanks MyTask.

CA Gautam Gupta
Gautam Gupta and Co.


MyTask has made my life simple and stress free. Now I can manage my staff effectively. The reports generated are very useful especially the Time Sheet. For professional like us, time is stock in trade and MyTask has helped me to save my time.

Advocate, Mahesh VP

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

MyTask saves my Review & Follow-up time. MyTask team is developing & updating as per my requirements from time to time. My staff are comfortable working in the software.

CA K S Rao
Rama Subba Rao & Co.

Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

Work Management Flow in MyTask

Receive Papers Enter in Inward Register, Create & Assign Task or Allow to Auto Create & Auto Assign Task for Recurring Type of Services

Let the Assigned User Update the Task with All Relevant Details As An When They Work

Monitor Work Progress, Staff Activity,Time Utilization Through Unique Dashboards

Once Task is Completed, View Un-Billed Task Report, Generate or Auto Generate Invoices after Review. Print or Email Invoices to Clients

Monitor Your Debtors Through Unique Dashboard, Reports & Allow to Take Auto Follow-up of Outstanding Dues

Collect Payment, Give Receipt, Hand Over Documents & Enter in Outward Register

How MyTask Automates Your Important Daily Routine Tasks

Auto Task Creation & Auto Assignment

Auto Daily Office Activity Email Reporting

Auto Billing of Tasks

Auto Follow Up of Dues

What Makes MyTask Acceptable to End Users ?

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Less Input, More Reporting

Easy to use in hefty work burden circumstances.

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Detailed Single Screen Focus

It Offers Detailed Single Screen focus for all modules like Task Management, Financial Management & Live Activity dashboards and many more.

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Highest Automation

It has Auto Task Creation, Auto Assignment, Auto Billing Tool, Auto Follow-up mechanism of outstanding dues.

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125+ Broad Reports

Covering a wide angle of reporting from different perspectives and needs.

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Feedback Based Development Approach

To incorporate new features or improvement to existing features

Why Choose MyTask ?

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Complete Process Management for Practicing Professionals

MyTask is a completely flexible package that serves each and every business, professionals and entrepreneurs alike. Right from creating tasks, to receiving work related details, tracking work progress to business workflow to billing and then ultimately its collection.

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Cloud Solution

With MyTask you can run business on the go, as it can be accessed from anywhere and anytime using internet. That brings whole lot of convenience for any size business from small to large, especially if your staffs are located at different locations.

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Developed in a very Practical way in line with Indian Circumstances

Every feature of MyTask has been developed keeping practical everyday situations of Indian business in backdrop. Constant inputs from actual practicing professionals have thus been taken to perk-up and evolve the Business accounting software each day.

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Increases Profitability
(Task created has to be billed, marked as free or is to be deleted)

Indian professionals are hard working but very weak at converting efforts into revenue. That's where MyTask helps them. You just need to create a task and forget all complication in-between, just focusing on end result. That task then is either to be billed, marked as free or deleted.

8 Specially Tailored Modules for Practicing CA / Tax Consultant in One MyTask


Staff, Work & Office Management


Invoicing & Financial Management


Time-Sheet & Cost Management


SMS & E-Mail Integration


Digital Signature Management


Leave Management


Expenses Management


Inward & Outward Document Management

Access MyTask from Any Device

Desktop or Laptop


Tab or iPad

Some Of Our Unique Dashboards

Bunch of 4 Reports and 3 Tools

It will show summary and list of all work assigned and pending with a particular user whether client related, personal or general office administrative work.

Welcome CA Himanshu


Sunday Working

Task Assigned to me
Manage Task Client Name File No. Last completed check Group Name
Himanshu Osatwal H-01 Computation Preparation MyTask
Kshitiz Bharti K-01 Balance Sheet Preparation MyTask
Adit Dosi A-01 Balance Sheet Preparation MyTask



Stick Notes

My Performance Report

Task Type Check Name Count of Checks
Income Tax Return Filing Balance Sheet Preparation 5
Computation Preparation 7
GST 3B Preparation of GSTR 3B 3
Filing of GSTR 3B 5
Tax Audit Uploading of Reports 8

Bunch of 17 Reports

This will show you summary and list of all work pending or completed in a particular service type, will provide you reasons why it is pending, with whom it is pending, at what stage it is pending, what nature of work is pending with service type and many more reports at a glance

Task Type Dashbord of GSTR 3B

Overall tasks at a glance

Report of Receiving of Information from client completed but Filling of GSTR 3B pending 80

Report of Pending Filling GSTR 3B 100
Userwise tasks at a glance

User Name Task Leader Task Manager Assign User
CA Himanshu 20 30 0
Kshitiz 30 30 0
Adit 20 20 0
Akshay 0 0 30
User Name Task Leader Task Manager Assign User
CA Himanshu 40 40 0
Kshitiz 30 30 0
Adit 30 30 0
Akshay 0 0 40
Ravi 0 0 25
Ankit 0 0 35
User Name Task Leader Task Manager Assign User
CA Himanshu 10 10 0
Kshitiz 8 8 0
Adit 2 2 0
Akshay 0 0 10
Ravi 0 0 4
Ankit 0 0 6
Tasks due today Tasks Due Within 7 Days Task(s) crossed due date
10 65 25
Financial Year Wise Task Status Report
Period FY-2018-2019 FY-2017-2018 FY-2016-2017 Previous years
Pending Completed Pending Completed Pending Completed Pending Completed
November 15 95 5 5 7 22 0 0
December 31 70 9 10 76 22 0 0
January 28 54 12 16 80 27 0 0

Checkgroup Name
November 3B
December 3B
January 3B
Check Name Jan 3B Dec 3B Nov 3B
Info. rec from client 8 7 5
Preparation 7 15 3
Checking of 3B 21 10 4
Filling of 3B 4 8 8
Total 40 40 20

Bunch of 16 Reports

This will show you summary and list of many reports ranging from total billing, collection,outstanding dues, ageing of outstanding dues and much more

Summary of Income (in INR)
Opening Fees of Bills in Existence 75000
Opening fees of Bills not in Existence 75000
Less: Collection of Opening Fees of bills not in existence 15000 60000
Add: Billing During the Year
Firmwise Billing 650000
Direct bills 10000 660000
Less: Collection During the Year
Firmwise Collection 250000
Direct receipts 10000
TDS 5000 265000
Less: Discount 20000
Netoutstanding (Before Advance Receipts) 435000
Less: Advance Receipts 15000
Less: Settled Advance Receipts 5000 10000
Netoutstanding (After Advance Receipts) 425000
Top '3'outstanding Clients (In Descending Order)
Group Name Outstanding Amount
Himanshu Osatwal 70000
Kshitiz Bharti 50000
Adit Dosi 30000
Groupwise Advance Receipts
Group Name Cash Bank Settled Amount Total
Akshay Arora 5000 5000 5000 5000
Praveen Suthar 5000 0 0 5000


10000 5000 5000 10000
Firmwise Billing
Organization Amount
MyTask Demo & Co. 450000
MyTask & Associates 200000



Firmwise Collection
Organization Cash Bank Total
MyTask Demo & Co. 70000 90000 160000
MyTask & Associates 30000 70000 100000


100000 160000


Segment Wise Revenue - Bills in Previous Years but Receipts in current FY
Group Of Narrations BillAmount Without Tax Tax Receipt Amount Receipt Tax Total Discount Outstanding
GST 300000 55000 125000 22000 4000 204000
Income Tax 250000 45000 100000 18000 6000 171000


550000 100000 225000 40000 10000 375000
Segment Wise Revenue - Bills and Receipts both in current FY
Group Of Narrations BillAmount Without Tax Tax Receipt Amount Receipt Tax Total Discount Outstanding
GST 250000 45000 100000 18000 6000 171000
Audit 300000 55000 125000 22000 4000 204000


550000 100000 225000 40000 10000 375000
Ageing ofoutstanding Amount (Excluding Advance Receipts)
0-30 31-60 61-90 90-180 More than 180 Total
75000 50000 100000 150000 60000 435000

Bunch of 15 Reports

This will give you summary and list of any work or activity that has happened in your office or any work that your staff has done along with their performance reports

Task Activity Report

Created (20)
Completed (52)
Deleted (5)
GSTR 1 (15)
IT Return (35)
TDS Return (2)

Checkwise Completion Report

Task Type Check Name Count Of Tasks
IT Return Filing Balance Sheet Preparation 5
Balance Sheet Checking 6
Computation Preparation 9
Computation Checking 8
Return Filing 6
Electronic Verification 35

Pending Issues with Task Report

Added (10)
Completed (5)
Deleted (2)
Aadhar Link (2)
Tax Challan (3)
Info. Pending (4)
TDS Mismatch (1)

User Performance Report

Task Type Check Name Count of Checks
GSTR 1 Preparation of GSTR 1 8
Income Tax Return Filing B/S Preparation 2
Computation Preparation 4
Return Filing 3

Top/Bottom 3 Performer Report

CA Himanshu

Compare Performance of Users

MyTask is fully customizable software for CA, as per your organisation & staff structure

Request Free Demo At Your Ease of Time.

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Some Other Management Tools

Few Other MyTask's Features Besides Many Others

View all work done for a client or a group in an financial year. Analyze with the billing done against those work.

  • Know Which Job is Billed or which is Unbilled
  • Know Opening Fee Receivable with Bifurcation into Invoices
  • Know Current Year Billing with Bifurcation into Invoices
  • Know Current Year Receipts with Bifurcation into Receipts against Each Invoice
  • Know Closing Net Outstanding with Bifurcation into Invoices
  • Know List of Unbilled Services
  • Know List of Services Provided Free of Cost

Know time utilization of each staff user into billable and non-billable hours along with each service costing with respect to minimum Hours he is required to work.

  • Know each Job's Costing based on time spent by each user and know it when you Bill the service
  • Know each user's time utilization into billable and non billable hours
  • Know each user's time utilization into minimum hours he is required to work against the actual hours of work done
  • Know your Profitable, Loss or Break Even Jobs
  • Know Client Wise Time Spent by different user's against different services
  • Know Service Wise Profitable, Loss or Break Even Jobs

Know bifurcation of all of your pending or completed work between your staff or members as a Task Leader, Manager or Assigned User.

  • Know Role wise Work Allocation as Task Leader or Manager or Assigned User for a specific or all users. Further bifurcated into services wise along with detailed listing and pending points against each service if any.
  • Know FY & Period wise work allocation for a specific or all users. Further bifurcated into services wise along with detailed listing and pending points against each service if any.
  • Know Status Wise (Pending or Completed or All) allocation for a specific or all users. Further bifurcated into services wise along with detailed listing and pending points against each service if any.

Track Documents Coming into office by any mode like, physical handover, email, whatsapp etc. and mark the documents which are returnable back to clients.

  • Track Documents coming into office with all details of the documents
  • Mark Documents separately which are returnable back in nature and return on time
  • Track Each Returnable Documents Separately
  • Search Client Wise Documents Inward
  • Search Services Wise Documents Inward
  • Give Receipt with list of documents to provider for document Received
  • Know Documents Inward Today, Yesterday, etc.
  • Know whether task Exists against each Inward Document or not.

Track Documents going out from Office by any mode like physical handover, courier, whatsapp, email etc. and mark the documents are are to be received back to you.

  • Track Documents coming into office with all details of the documents
  • Track Documents going out from Office by any mode with all details of the document
  • Specifically mark the Original Documents when they are moved of your office
  • Mark the Document that are to be received back to you.
  • Search by Person name or contact no. to whom documents is marked outward.
  • Track Documents by Courier Agency and Document Tracking no.
  • Print Outward Receipt and take signatures from person to whom documents are handed over.

Have a bird's Eye View of all services bifurcated into different segments and between you users on one screen.

  • Know Consolidated Pending Tasks
  • Know Consolidated Priority Tasks
  • Know Consolidated Long Due Tasks
  • Know Consolidated Not Started Tasks
  • Know Consolidated Tasks with Pending Issues
  • Know Consolidated Tasks due Today, Within 7 Days or Crossed Due Date
  • Know Consolidated Tasks Completed
  • Know Know Consolidated Tasks Due Between Custom Date
  • Know Consolidated Tasks Crossed Due Date

Example : Tax Audit To Do List. You can track hundreds of your To Dos in each service by defining your standard To Dos along with option to comment or upload attachments against each To Do point.

  • Define Your Own To Do List
  • Mention Hundreds of To Dos in Each To Do List
  • Attach Document or Upload Comments in Each To Do List
  • On Bird's Eye View, Know In Each To Do List which To Do Points are Completed and Which are Pending
  • Get To Do List Imported in each task automatically or manually.
  • Know Tasks Completed but To Dos List Pending.
  • Know Tasks which contains or which do not contains your standard To do List.
  • Schedule Follow-up for Fees or Pending Information from Client end
  • Schedule Meeting, Add members, Save Link & Notify members
  • Allow Staff or Schedule Appointment For You
  • When Schedule is changed, change same entry so that you have previous history log
  • Link Followups, Meeting, Appointment to task, so that at later stage when you download task report, it contains all information of client interaction
  • Link Outstanding Dues Followups to Billing Group Report so that you can always tell client how many followups were done to recover fees

Recognized as Startup by
DIPP, Government of India

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exactly how our solution would work with your team.

Achieve More, Stress Less and GET

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Single Screen Focus

Get all your tasks listed at one place.

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Centralized Accessibility

Stay in control and get all your work done easily with our Workflow Management System.

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Power-up Productivity

Ievel-up your efficiency manifolds

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Get automated processes with structured communication

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Tailor-made Online Project Management Software that suits your requirements

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Stay Synced

With our Task Software synchronize all your data…Always, Anytime and Anywhere

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Seamlessly Management

Organize and streamline your team across all collaterals

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Agile Approach

Intuitive design and proactive features

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MyTask adds value

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