Work Management Problems Faced By
Professional Firms

15 Management Questions That Comes In Every Practicing Professional's Mind

1. How is he keeping detailed track of all running services?

2. Does he know what matter is pending, in each of running service to give status to client of their work ?

3. How he would know that which of his staff is working on what service?

4. Is he able to complete all jobs within the legal due date, considering its penal provisions?

5. If he is not able to complete certain jobs due to pending information at client end, is he or his staff has informed such matter to client?

6. Is he able to determine cost of each service?

7. Is he able to bill all completed Services & is not forgetting to invoice small services ?

8. Is he able to timely collect his dues ?

9. Has he billed all out of pocket expenses incurred on behalf of client?

10. Is he keeping track of all documents coming in and going out from his office by any mode ?

11. Does his staff generate required output in limited time with first focus on priority jobs?

12. Does his staff follow the Standard Operating Procedure defined by him while providing services ?

13. Do he know how his staff's time is utilised into billable and non-billable services ?

14. In case anything happens, does he have required evidences to convince client that he has done his job with best of his efforts?

15. How is he managing non client related administrative work of his office ?

Inaccurate Information

We don’t have
Accurate Information
for the following


Status of Each Service Job


Tasks – Pending or Completed


Pending information relating to each task


Priority Service


Long Due Tasks


Staff Occupancy

We are often worried about


Collection of professional Service Fees, Outstanding dues etc.


Completion of Service on or before due date(Legal/Client’s/ Organization)


Staff’s / Assitant’s ability to manage allotted work and deliver the desired result


Efforts put in and conversion of efforts into revenue


Documentation of Notes / Observations at one place


Chances of missing out any task received from client when tasks are in volume


Managing Personal and General Office Work

Sometimes We want to


Track In / Out Time of Employees with location

For organizations that require employee location tracking and Ensure correct working hours for Employees.


Know Job Costing

Know Client Wise Time Spent by different users against different services & each staff's time utilization into billable and non billable hours and calculate Service Wise Profitable, Loss or Break Even Jobs


Manage multiple offices from a single location

(As it is a cloud based software)


Instruct / Guide whole Staff at once

(All staff may not be available at same time and place )

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