Focus Areas of MyTask
CA Office Management

Work Management

  • Status of each service job at your fingertips.
  • Single Dashboard control for everything.
  • Get your leader, manager and assigned user notified for each event with strong notification system
  • Customize MyTask as per your own organization, process flow and staff structure. It is fully flexible.
  • Complete knowledge pertaining to pending tasks
  • Segregation of priority task from the task pool.
  • An easy overview on long due task
  • Identifying Pending Issues with each task.
  • Exact Status of all the tasks of a particular group along with issues, if any.
  • Schedule Followups, Meetings & Appointments
  • Daily Email Office Activity Auto Reporting
  • Auto scheduler and planner for the work to be done in near future.
  • Relieving us from maintaining registers/diaries, excel etc. to track the work.
  • Digital Signature Register to keep track of all your DSCs expired or expiring
  • Document Inward Managment to Manage your papers coming in office
  • Document Outward Managment to Manage your papers going from office
  • Work Vis à vis Revenue Report to know how your efforts are converting into revenue
  • Detailed To Do List to keep your work controlled as in what has been done and what is pending in a particular task

Staff Management

  • Leave Management System to keep track of all leaves taken by your articles or staff.
  • Individual user dashboard for all pending work related to him whether it be task related or general office administration work
  • Timesheet to know the staff time utilisation into billable or non-billable hours
  • Track the work progress of each assistant/ staff/ team member.
  • Get Each Staff’s Work report of a day / week or period.
  • Compare performance of staff at same level & Identify efficient / non efficient
  • Work Occupancy Report of whole office and all segments to know what work is pending and with which staff
  • Consolidated Work Report to get bird's eye view of all Pending, Completed, Priority, Long Due and Not started work in single screen.
  • User Activity Report that contains 16+ User Reports from Different Perspective .

Financial Management

  • Create Invoice, Receipt, Service Estimate (Proforma Invoice), Debit Note & Credit Note .
  • Single Detailed Dashboard to view Total Billing, Collection, Outstanding Fees, Advance Receipts, Ageing of Outstanding fees, top 20 debtors etc.
  • Time Sheet & Cost Management to know a job's costing, profitablity and utilisation of staff resources
  • Auto Billing of tasks by smartly analyzing data. Generate hundreds of invoices in few minutes
  • Auto Followup of outstanding dues by SMS
  • Revenue Leakage Checks , by monitoring unbilled tasks.
  • Import All Previous Invoices from Excel into MyTask.
  • Email Bills directly to clients
  • Many Billing and Collection Reports with multiple search criteria
  • Each Group’s (Multiple clients can be mapped in singe group) Detailed transaction report even if billed in multiple organizations
  • Free Task Report to give you list of services provided free of cost
  • Get Segment Wise revenue in your office and know which segment is more revenue generating Vis-a-vis efforts made
  • Expenses Management to keep a track of expenses incurrred by staff while providing service and generating invoices against them
  • Convert Estimate Into Invoice in Few Clicks

Communication Management

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Send Bulk / Individual SMS & E-Mail to Client with few clicks with standard / custom language.

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Auto SMS to clients on task creation, completion, raising pending issue, Invoice Generation, Receipt Generation & Auto Followup of Outstanding dues

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Schedule SMS to be sent on a particular date and time.

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Notice Board Tool to communicate with staff for any kind of administrative work

Document Management

Create, upload & Save Documents online

Create, upload or save Documents like Audit Observations, To Do List of Audit etc. along with linking it to the respective service job.

Share & Link

Share a any document with other users or group of users or link a document to any task

View, Edit and Update

View Documents shared by other users, edit or update them

Manage any firm with CA Software, MyTask

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