To understand it, we have divided its functionalities of what it can do into following parts

Work Management

Status of each service job at your fingertips.

Complete knowledge pertaining to pending tasks

Segregation of priority task from the task pool.

An easy overview on long due task

Identifying Pending Issues with each task.

Exact Status of all the tasks of a particular group along with issues, if any.

Auto scheduler and planner fo r the work to be done in near future.

Single Dashboard control for everything.

Relieving us from maintaining registers/diaries, excel etc. to track the work.

Bird’s Eye view of a particular service type

Keeping a track of own To Do work list and follow up of less important but significantly important jobs.

My Task Work Management
Invoice Management Process

Billing, Collection and Debtors Management

Single Dashboard for following (with detail list) as on any date :

Total Billing (Organization wise)

Total Collection (Organization and mode of payment wise)

Net Outstanding Fees (GroupWise)

Ageing of outstanding fees to identify possible doubtful debts / slow recovery

Top 20 outstanding client’s

Advance Receipts (Group wise and mode of payment wise)

Each Group’s detailed report and detailed accounting ledger for services provided for all files of its group in respect of its billing, collection, free of cost service, Status of service jobs, unbilled receipts, pending services etc.

Auto accounting of bills, receipts, unb illed receipts, advance receipts etc.

Revenue Leakage checks by monitoring tasks completed but not yet billed.

Work vis-à-vis Fees report to monitor efforts v/s revenue.

List of services provided free of cost.

Bill Register, Receipt Registe, Unbilled task register.

Billing and Collection report with any search criteria.

Staff Management

Tracking the work progress of each article /staff

Each Staff’s Work report of a day / period.

Identifying efficient / non efficient staff.

Making the staff responsible and accountable for their work.

Individual user dashboard for all pending work related to him

Task Leader’s control over all the tasks.

Employee Management
My Task SMS System

Communication Management

Sending Bulk / Individual SMS to Client with few clicks with standard / custom language.

Scheduling SMS to be sent on a particular date and time.

Online Phone book to search any contact with multiple search criteria

Communicating Responsible Contact Person of a Particular group for new staff in office.

Document Management

Online Creating and saving of Documents like Audit Observations, To Do List of Audit etc. along with linking it to the respective service job.

Sharing a personal/important document with group of users like bank accoun t list and password.

Viewing Documents shared by other users and editing /updating them.

Document Management System