The corporate world is changing faster than ever before. Every morning witnesses great competition among the firms and companies to maintain a competitive edge over others. In such a case, the most crucial aspect to look out for is the best possible use of technology. Technological environment in one’s form or a company paves the way for its brand image and reputation in a particular industry or sector. Adaption of latest software and routine up gradation of certain key areas can transform the results dramatically in the long run. The present time is all about start -ups where young talent is entering into this competitive world to prove their mettle. The primary step which the small businesses or the start – ups really look out for is the adoption of some accounting software to avoid any kind any legal issues at any point of time.

Accounting Software for small business is the current buzz in the corporate sector because there are a number of norms to take care of while doing a certain business. In such a case, it becomes very important particularly for the small businesses to select that particular software that guarantees ease of use, compatibility and security. Business clearly means to get the best by investing the least. Therefore, the selection of such accounting software is the foremost step for small business men to prove their business skills per se. 
Let’s discuss some small business accounting software which will allow flexibility in your daily operations by customizing some processes effectively, efficiently and economically.

Best Small Business Accounting Software

My Task

My Task is Best Management Software for Chartered Accountants is the latest buzz in the corporate world. This online software is customizable according to the needs and requirements of its clients and customers.
It aids in organising the professional team in an organisation and establishes an effective communication system in the organisational hierarchy.
With its unique dashboard, Mytask is reaping exceptional fore deals with its detailed auto accounting on the go. It encompasses an inbuilt SMS sending facility together with an automatic display of clientsand users per se.


One of the best accounting softwares in the recent ties, Freshbooks is a well -balanced option available for small businesses due to its inexpensive pricing and excellent support system. The best part or feature to look out for in this very software is its scale depth. Together with this, the software is also equipped with time tracking and expense management system that has created another surge of reforms. 
Freshbooks tops the list of best accounting software for small businesses due to a number of other reasons listed hereunder. The software aids the management in cloud invoicing which allows access to anyone with authority at any geographical location. The payment processing system in this software is very efficient and provides its users a clear cut description as per their requirements. The reporting feature is also at its best and assists the management in dealing with serious issues such as tax management and tracking procedures.
Moreover, one can access this software on the smartphones as well where it is known as the most responsive accounting software in the current times. This software ensures customer satisfaction with its proactive approach during the grievance redressal process.

Quick Books Online

The intuitive interface of this accounting software makes it different from the rest tools aiding the management in looking after the financial system. The small businesses have reaped exceptional benefits from this software as a reason of which, Quick Books Online is serving a customer base of more than 2 million satisfied users. 
Be it the beginners or the experienced Chartered Accountants, this tool cater to the needs of all with a large variety of scalable functions. Another tremendous prospect to look out for in this software is that it automatically suns all your financial business profile at one place. This enables all the users to have in depth knowledge of company’s performance in the most transparent way. 
But as each coin has two faces, the management of this software is working to improve its support system at the earliest.

Zoho Books

Finding a top place in the list of best accounting softwares, Zoho books is an apt choice for the micro – businesses. It is equipped with some sumptuous qualities such as online collaboration with customers, tracking invoices, inventory management and automated workflows. 
The customer support section of this software is really worth appreciating. A comprehensive support system has been established on the website wherein each customer can benefit him/her without investing anything. However there is no free premium plan for this accounting software. It charges $9 from the first month only for its use.
As it is a universal fact that security is paramount in accounting. Zoho Books has been tagged as the most secured software. It provides payment certifications, data encryption, authentication control and data backup.


A further intensified example of accounting software is Xero. This particular tool is regarded as one of the choice in the field of handling transactions because of its Mac User Interface. It provides unique services such as integrated payroll module, expense claims dashboard, bank reconciliation and so on. The software website provides for free trial for the very first month, thereafter the service terms are agreed upon by the user by paying a minimal amount on a per month basis. The Mac module feature in this software is really a new buzz in the corporate sector of the small scale industries.


Downloaded by a number of start- ups in a very short period of time, Wave Accounting Software is hitting the markets like anything. The reason for the same is that it is very handy for a small business or a consultancy firm where the workforce is limited to 10 people. The companies with tight budget can opt for this software in the initial days as it is very helpful in handling day to day financial transactions easily.
This software is only apt for the businesses which are in the initial stages of setting up a small business. No doubt, the software can easily handle petty cash transactions and comes handy in case of managing small expenses effectively. 
The first month use is absolutely free for the customers of Wave. Even after the first month the monthly amount to be paid is very less.
The mentioned accounting softwares have proved really successful when it comes to deal with the transactions of small scale industries. These are new to the corporate market but regularly striving to provide the best in the least.