With the workload increasing day by day due to reasons such as growing client base and due to this, the number of staff members is also getting increased. Doing office work is becoming more tedious and complex and delivering the services is becoming harder, as lots of manual work has to be done. Mytask.co can provide specially designed software for Chartered Accountants. Office automation system basically refers to a combination of computer hardware, software, and network connection, through which you can simplify and automate various types of office operations The Office automation software for CA, can also maintain the list of your client base.

Features of Office Automation Software for CA:-

There are total 5 modules in this single package of office Automation Software for CA

Work Management

1. You will have the complete list of pending task. All the information related to the pending task will also be available.

2. You will have the complete control of each and everything with the help of single dashboard.

3. A user will also be able to detect or identify each task.

Staff Management

1. You will be able to easily track the progress of all your team members.

2.  It will also be able to generate a list of top 3 or bottom performers

3. Report on each staff/assistant can be made available with help of this software.

Financial Management

1. In a single dashboard. You will be easily able to view Total Billing, Collection, Outstanding Fees, Advance Receipts, Aging of Outstanding fees, top 20 debtors etc.

2. You don’t have to do anything manually. There is a process in which all the accounting of bills and receipts, is done automatically by Office Automation Software for CA.

3. Bill and receipt register

Communication Management

1. Within a single click. you will be able to send bulk and individual SMS to your clients, in their desire.

2. Online phone book helps you find out any person, with different kind of search criteria.

3. SMS scheduling can also be done with the help of this software provided by Mytask.co

Document Management

1. You can create documents and can be easily transferred online, the process involves creating, saving and uploading the file.

2. The document can be easily shared among the users or group of users.

3. Once the documents get uploaded to the site, the user can view it, update it as well as modify the document.

Benefits of Office Automation Software for CA, provided by Mytask.co

Within a control of single dashboard.

All things related to office work can be viewed through one single Screen. No need to change tabs all the time. The dashboard of Office Automation Software for CA, provided by Mytask.co, is very powerful and is built with the aim to monitor what is happening in the office, and this gives users a chance a broad picture of all the office activities.

Easily accessible

It can be viewed by any kind of device, and due to this, you remain in control of all your work.

The output of your work will be significantly increased with the help of Office Automation Software for CA

The productivity of your work as well as efficiency will increase multiple times, with the help of such a system.

Customized Solution

Dashboards and other features can be easily be changed or modified as per the business needs of the client, in Office Automation Software for CA provided by Mytask.co.

Continuous syncing

You don’t have to worry about the loss of data as data remains in the cloud all the time Cloud storage is a service where data back up in regularly taken.

Managing easily

All the office work can be easily managed with help of Office Automation Software for CA, provided by Mytask.co, without interruption, sudden breaks, or difficulty.

MyTask.co is a prominent name in the market as a leading Office Automation Software for CA provider, which helps to manage the day to day operations at an affordable and competitive prices.